If you’ve been watching the news recently you’ve probably seen too many stories where cheaters seem to be coming out on top. Cheating is a serious blow to the love and trust in a marriage. There are few things that have a devastating and lasting impact on a marriage that cheating has.

This doesn’t mean that cheating is the end of the marriage but it does mean that most of the time cheaters aren’t getting off as easy as the media makes it seem. There are so many things that needed before you have to consider getting caught about such situation. You must not do it or else it will ruin your dignity and your future. No matter who you are or no matter where and when it happened.

Cheaters do sometimes win but it usually takes a lot of work for them to win big. Sometimes cheating men and women really do get their happily ever after. Many times, this involves saving a marriage that was fairly solid before the cheating happened. The big thing to consider though isn’t whether the cheaters win but whether the relationship was worth saving to begin with.

Cheaters aren’t always bad people. Good people do cheat on occasion. No one is perfect after all. That doesn’t mean that cheating is OK. It simple is what it is. For some marriages it is the beginning of the end (though in reality the end began long before cheating took place). For other marriages an affair is a wakeup call that gives the couple the perfect push in the right direction to fix things within the marriage.

Boy, it sure does feel like cheaters are winning an awful lot, doesn’t it?

I guess that depends on who you ask. Cheating isn’t a good thing. High-profile cheaters might seem like they are coming out ahead but that isn’t the case. They lose business and suffer from very negative (and sometimes career changing) public opinion.read page from http://mashable.com/2017/03/24/csgo-esl-cheat-ban/#uep9gyFq9gqh

For some people that doesn’t seem to be punishment enough. Again, until you’ve walked a mile in another man’s moccasins it’s really hard to know how deep the punishment goes and how sincere someone that person is about making things right.


No one really comes out on top after cheating. The cheater, the person cheated on, and anyone else who is caught in the middle pays a high price for the act whether that price makes the front page of tabloids of the local town paper. In the real world the price is less public and much more personal but there is no one who cheats and gets caught that doesn’t pay for it in one way or another. The ones who do ultimately win worked very hard to get things back on track and going in the right direction. Remember always that bad things happen for a reason and bad reason can be a cause of problems.

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